A vertical garden is a procedure used to grow plants on a vertically suspended wall using agriculture. These structures can be separate or standing with a wall. Vertical garden has always been in use to give your business place a beautiful pop-up look.

Vertical gardens are no more than a pleasurable treat to your office environment, these potted plants take up a lot of your wall space and keep you close to nature.

Vertical gardens or green walls. What’s your choice?

Vertical gardens are also called live walls or moss walls. These plants can be lined in a small frame or a 60 ft. wide masterpiece. These vertical gardens can be put up in hotel lobbies, terrace, offices, backyards etc. These gardens give you a quieter environment and calmness to work in.

Indoor Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens not only make your indoor pleasurable but also makes your natural airflow better. These gardens can be made up to different types of plants like ferns, ficus, repens, pilea and calathea are the most popular plants used for the structure of vertical gardens. Vertical Gardens are of an advantage to those who are exposed to certain chemicals because it helps them in getting a more purified air to breathe in.

Exterior Vertical Gardens

Many buildings around the country and world have vertical gardens installed on their exteriors, these contain moss, vines and other plants are also used. The advantage of these is it helps the roof in summers to be at a more cool temperature. They give buildings great protection and insulation from temperature fluctuations, UV radiations and heavy rains.

Perfect for Apartments and Offices

Vertical Gardening System

These vertical gardens need maintenance and proper watering. taking out the dead leaves, cutting and many other things that gardens require but the systems nowadays are advanced in a way that they most of the work is done with very little help from outside.

Vertical Succulents Gardens

Succulents are great space efficient plants, looks beautiful and are maintainable. They are great for areas with water shortage because they are fire resistant. Succulents are well-known for a hard and fleshy exterior. Watering and other maintaining features of these plants require less work and become a great choice for your vertical gardens.

When should you consider a vertical garden?

Basically, the choice of the size of your vertical garden depends on the kind of business you are doing, if it is a small place you will need a few numbers of plants but if you are opening up an office in the much bigger area, A green wall is the best option for you.

We will help you to choose the right size of vertical garden according to your maintenance possibility and area.

Why are vertical gardens best for your office?

Vertical gardens give your office a mesmerizing view, makes it a more peaceful and quiet place to work at, and helps you breathe clean air. Greenery at your workplace makes your mental health more stable.

Want a Vertical Garden?